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My name is Ludmila Novikova, I  live in Lithuania, in a small town Shilute.
Italian Greyhounds is my second breed, almost  15 years I'm a breeder of english bulldogs. But buldogs are the passion of my husband and his favourite breed. But after my first dog afgan hound, which was before the bulldogs in the kennel, I realised that I'm "sick" with sighthounds. To tell the true, when a question got up, what breed of sighthounds to choose, I preferred - IGs. This breed is close to me - the same sincere and emotional...

Our first IG - Bonita is brought from St.Petersburg.

She became the founder of our kennel. It is a little blue girl with very obedient character, clever  to impossibility...
Her daughter Sindi - the only bitch of Bonita after the first stud.

She is very affectionate now. P'ero ("Pinya") the third IG in the family, also  the son of Bonita.

He is very graceful and also very affectionate

In spring 2007 another IG arrived to us from Moscow-Felica.

So we hope she will continue the further development of our kennel. We are very thankful for her to the Moscow kennel Bel Etual. We are thankful to Kate Parichenko and Marina Smirnova, thanks to their breeding work we have such wonderful girl-Bel Etual FELICIA

On January, 17th, 2009 Lux Loral Italo Ignazio ("Ignasio") has arrived to our kennel.

Ignasio was born in wonderful kennel " Lux Loral ", Latvia. Many thanks to Ignasio breeders Kristine Grava & Inguna Grava-Thurman for our favourite boy! Ignasio has excellent character and it is elegant and graceful as prince. My husband and I are very glad, that now Ignasio lives with us in our kennel "Is Noveles"!

On February, 28th, 2009 in our kennel "Is Noveles" puppies were born. Little blue female HOSTESS FELICE Is Noveles("Tess") from this litter stay in our kennel for our breeding program.It has small height and a strong body, but has no toy-displays.And besides It has the excellent pedigree.It is such IGs type to which we would like to aspire in our kennel "Is Noveles".
In this photo Tess age 4,5 months old.

Now IGs are my love. I am thankful to the fate, that she was so well-and allowed me to have this miracle at home - my italian greyhound....

Our kennel was registered in FCI! The number is 139/08 and the name is "Is Noveles"


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